How to sell your business at a good price in Belgium?

After years of working in the same company, you want to retire? Can it be for the sake of something new or just to retire? Why not sell your company? To achieve this, here are some good things to know.

All how by an estimate

To sell your business, you need to make an estimate beforehand. This will involve visiting your entire company to make sure you get the right price. The diagnosis must be made by a professional. It relates to the financial condition, reputation and administrative areas of the business. Yours will be more valuable if it is a benchmark on the market and already has a reputation and a lot of customers. A new business, or one that has failed to take off will be of less value. The company’s estimate will also take into account its physical condition: the quality of the seats and of the real estate.

Like a real estate sale, this first step is crucial to the success and speed of transactions. And for good reason, you must offer an average price so as not to sell at a loss, but also not to discourage potential investors.

Get support from a professional

To ensure a good estimate of your company, and in order to get the best price, there is nothing like having you accompanied by a professional. We are obviously thinking of an accounting firm in Ixelles. With years of experience, the accountant will be able to carry out a precise and objective diagnosis of your business.
In addition, the accountant can use his contacts and ensure the prospecting of your business sales approach. This will save you time in the search for potential buyers.
Finally, the accountant Saint-Gilles, Ixelles will be able to manage all the steps to ensure the success of the operation. This ranges from negotiating prices and terms of sale, to registering the transaction with the authorities. It greatly simplifies your sale and accompanies you every step of the way.

Understanding the sale of a business

Before you embark on this kind of project, it is important to understand in advance what really involves the sale of a business. It will involve selling all of the company's assets and capital, but not only. You will also sell the name of your brand and your market share with customers that you have already acquired during your years of practice.
After the sale, your role in the business will be minimal, if not non-existent. It all depends on the conditions that you included in the assignment contract. Among other things, you can remain the manager, but no longer have any shares in the business.
And finally, for the process to be legal, it will be necessary to register the transaction with the RCS under the title of change of direction. The sale will have an impact on the company's Kbis.